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A subsidiary of People & Technology, nanotechnology, has changed its name to P&T Advanced Materials. P&T Advanced Materials has its main business in display materials. It will advance its capabilities of display adhesive film material business, and discover to expand to new businesses.
Junseop Kim, CEO of P&T, said, “We have changed our name to P&T Advanced Materials to leap forward as a material specialist.”
P&T is leading equipment manufacturer in Korea. It is in the business of secondary batteries, semiconductors, and display equipment. Manufacturing and sales of materials were added to its aim of business in order to develop the materials as its future business.
P&T Advanced Materials was founded in 2012, and is focusing on organic light emitting diode (OLED) adhesive film materials.It supplies to domestic panel manufacturers various materials such OCA films, which is the main material for panels in displays.
P&T Advanced Materials plans to expand not only in OCA films, but also in display material development and business. It is hiring specialists to develop new materials.
P&T will also develops materials not only for other fields as well as display field. It will reinforce advanced materials for high-growth potential next-generation batteries. It seems that P&T will promote the all-solid-state battery material business.
P&T recorded sales of KRW 94 billion in the first quarter with itssuccessful sales in equipment. It is aiming to record more than KRW 400 billion in sales this year by improving itsadvanced materials business.

By Staff Reporter Jiwoong Kim (