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<Engineer Da-hye Kim’s daily content for water quality perfect analysis posted on Samsung Electronics' semiconductor YouTube on the 19th>

Samsung Electronics DS Division will apply environmental analysis to the entire semiconductor manufacturing cycle, and start semiconductor processing that can realize environmental, social and governance (ESG) management.

Samsung Electronics announced on the 21st that it introduced the daily life of Da-hye Kim, an engineer of the global infrastructure analysis team in charge of semiconductors through ESG YouTube channel 'Tomorrow is also ESG'.

Engineer Kim is an engineer who has been working for 4 years in the chemical major and is in charge of environmental analysis of semiconductor water and memory semiconductor products. Her day begins with checking water quality analysis monitoring facilities. Sampling of water quality of discharged water and analyzing various water quality data. Engineer Kim said, "Samsung's analysis technology team has preemptively introduced water quality analysis monitoring facilities to thoroughly manage items other than hazardous substance emission standards." This is the first step toward an environmentally friendly semiconductor process.

Engineer Kim verifies the presence or absence of harmful substances from memory semiconductor development to mass production. Samsung Electronics is famous for its strict standards for verifying harmful substances. It checks whether electronic products contain harmful substances in accordance with the European Union (EU) Guidelines on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). It will also use analysis methods allowed by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) under Korean Agency for Technology and Standards. The analysis technology team, to which engineer Kim belongs, was the first in the industry to obtain KOLAS certification in the chemical testing sector and was recognized for its product analysis and facility infrastructure credibility. The analysis technology team will expand the scope of certification to the water quality sector next year.

Engineer Kim said, "Environmental analysis is an essential element for achieving ESG goals," adding, "We will make efforts to provide clean water quality and safe memory completion through the introduction of advanced technology and various ideas."

Samsung Electronics' DS division has been releasing 'Tomorrow is also ESG'  YouTube content since May to promote various ESG management activities of employees. △ Low-power semiconductors △ atmospheric environment △ wastewater treatment △ renewable energy △ separate emission △ landscape management field as total of 15 stories of employees activities as surpassing more than 13 million cumulative views.

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