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Samsung Electronics and Ciena announced on the 21st that they have agreed to a contract to supply 5G network solutions to the market. Through the contract, Samsung Electronics plans to provide next-generation high-bandwidth services by combining Ciena’s xHaul solutions with its 5G solutions. Telecommunication businesses utilizing this solution can effectively handle growing 5G data traffic within network edges and distributed 5G architectures.

With the opening of the 5G era, immersive services such as augmented and virtual reality and high-definition video streaming have become the center of mobile life, said Won-il No, vice president of Samsung Electronics' network business. "The current network architecture must evolve for strong 5G services." Samsung will cooperate with Ciena to supply the best 5G solutions to customers, he added. "Through this, customers will be able to expand and evolve their networks to support the future of 5G."

In detail, Samsung's 5G RAN and 5G core are combined with Ciena's xHaul routing and switching portfolio and the next-generation Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller. Through this, customers can fully utilize 5G services and efficiently manage large amounts of data across the network and cloud. Both companies expect that it will also help accelerate the construction of high-tech fields created by 5G such as network slicing, IoT and AI-based automation.

Ciena will be able to strengthen the next generation of mobile connection technology in cooperation with Samsung, said Matt Cook, vice president of Ciena. "Through strong cooperation, the two companies will be able to build the best 5G network of their class with outstanding openness, scalability and adaptability."

The combined products of the two companies consist of Ciena's xHaul routing and switching portfolio, next-generation MCP domain controller, Samsung's vRAN solution, 5G Core and RAN portfolio with baseband equipment and wireless equipment. The constructed solution will be supplied to the market immediately.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics is playing a leading role in implementing 5G solutions including network chipsets, wireless and cores. Fully virtualized RAN, core networks and private network solutions, and AI-based automation tools are leading the deployment of advanced 5G networks.

Ciena is a leading company in the fields of coherent optical technology, routing and switching, and analysis-oriented automation. Ciena's innovative technology forms the foundation for mobile backhaul networks, including global network operators.
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