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Seoul Semiconductor announced on the 14th that it has released 'WICOP TE (WICOP Top Electrode)', which has significantly improved efficiency reducing factors that is caused by heat generation of LED headlamps.
Seoul Semiconductor's 'WICOP TE' for headlamps was installed directly on a heatsink instead of the conventional method of mounting the LED package on a printed circuit board (PCB). This product is designed to quickly dissipate the heat generated by the headlamp. This allowed to significantly improve the efficiency and lifespan of the headlamp that generated too much heat.
An official from Seoul Semiconductor said, “In global automobile shipments, the Seoul Semiconductor’s proprietary technology has been applied only 10%, so far, but we will expand the scope of WICOP products.”
Seoul Semiconductor is planning to unveil WICOP TE at the North American 'DVN Workshop' starting on the 21st. Sun like, an illuminating natural color of objects with light similar to natural light that aids in learning and sleeping, and Seoul Viosys' Bio Reds for vehicle interior sterilization will also be exhibited.
An official from Seoul Semiconductor said, “Due to the growing demand for electric vehicles and slimmer design of headlamps, weight reduction and heat dissipation performance of headlamps became crucial. Seoul Semiconductor’s technology has been applied to more than 100 global auto brands through its lineup of high-efficiency, high-heat dissipation WICOP products, and we expect great sales growth in the automobile sector through continued application expansion in the future,”
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