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NAVER Cloudbecame the first Korean cloud operator to acquire MTCS (Multi-Tier Cloud Security), a Singapore cloud security certification. MTCS is a prerequisite for public tendering in Singapore. NAVER Cloud will be able to expand its opportunities to enter the global public cloud market beyond Korea.

MTCS is a certification system supervised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore and developed by theInformation Technology Standards Committee (ITSC) of Singapore. The MTCS Singapore Standard (SS 584:2015) is the world's first cloud security standard that addresses multiple layers of cloud security. It is based on international standards such as ISO/IEC 27001. Public cloud safety and security are evaluated through verification of 117 control items in 19 fields at various operational security levels. The security level is divided into three levels.

NAVER Cloud acquired 'Tier-3', the highest grade in the first MTCS screening. This means that it has the capability and maturity to safely protect key information systems and important data of customers using NAVER Cloud.

Many global companies have their Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) headquarters in Singapore. As MTCS is the world's first cloud security standard that deals with multi-tier cloud security, many companies in APAC are requiring the relevant certification as a selection criterion when introducing public cloud.

With the acquisition of MTCS, it is expected that its position in the Korean financial cloud business will also be strengthened. The financial authorities are presentingas a guide 109 basic protection measures for evaluating cloud operators when financial companies introduce public cloud and 32 additional protection measures for the financial sector, which are specific standards for the financial sector.

If you have at least one of the CSAP (Cloud Security Assurance Program) hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, MTCS, CSA STAR, and Fed RAMP, and other overseas certifications, you can omit basic protection measures.

NAVER Cloud already has CSAP, a Korean certification, and CSA STAR, a global certification, so it is subject to omitting the evaluation of basic protection measures when introduced, but with the MTCS certificate, it proved once again their security and safety objectively.

Wonhyeok Choi, Cloud Security Leader of NAVER Cloud, said, “The acquisition of MTCS is very meaningful sincethe security system and technology have been the point where NAVER Cloud has been focusing on and it has now been acknowledgedworldwide. We will further solidify our position as a trusted cloud host by resolving concerns in the domestic and overseas public finance sector, where regulations are strict"
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