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<60GHz antenna module>

Sensorview (CEO Byungnam (Klaus) Kim), a company specializing in 5G mobile communication cable antennas, was officially selected as an antenna partner in the partner program with STMicroelectronics (STM), a global semiconductor company.
STM, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is a company that produces various electronic products and semiconductors for automobiles, communications, computers, industry, and IoTthroughout the 4th industrial revolution.
Sensorview plans to pursue a module business through partnership that develops and supplies antennas, which combines with STM's semiconductors.

A contactless high-speed data transmission module is a combination of STM's data transmission chip and Sensor view's antenna. The module can be applied to applications such as TV and digital signage. It is an RF milimeter wave transceiver product that uses the 60GHz band for ultra-high-speed data transmission chips. It is possible to transmit and receive large amounts of data at high speed in a short distance through an externally connected antenna.
Synergy effects are expected through cooperation between the two companies. The combination of the STM data chip, Sensorview’s antenna, and wireless charging module expands the range of applications. In the case of CCTV for crime prevention, the module solution of STM and Sensorview allows video and power transmission wirelessly. It can eliminate the blind spot of the camera without distorting the CCTV image.

CEO Byungnam Kim said, “We are very proud of representing Korea’s small management company that lead the ultra-high frequency market by providing a high-speed data module combined with STM and Sensor view’s parts. It is a module that exceeds the range of 5G, and provides 60GHz band speed. Scenes from future sci-fi movies can become reality by using the module made by STM and Sensor view.” He continued, “Like a scene in a movie, if you put your cell phone on your office desk, you can transmit data that allows you to view specific information on a digital screen or hologram.We plan to develop our business with various future-oriented applications.”

By Staff Reporter Jungkwon Lim