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<SMG’s circular Mica heater>

SMG Co., Ltd. , a company specializing in unique heaters and temperature sensors, will expand production by introducing a new process that greatly increases the manufacturing speed of Mica heaters used in semiconductor and display equipment. It responds to the rapidly increasing demand for semiconductor and display equipment parts by mass-producing new heaters

SMG announced on the 17th that they adopted a new process to rapidly increase the manufacturing output of Mica heaters. It can reduce about 50% of manufacturing time compare to the preexisting Mica heater process.

SMG said “Recently there was much demand on heaters from semiconductor and display equipment market. In order to meet the demand from our customers, we adopted a new process to reduce the manufacturing time and also costs, which made our product more competitive”

The Mica heater is an essential component to increase the temperature of semiconductor wafers (baking) to control the temperature in semiconductor and display equipment. This creates a suitable environment for vapor deposition and etching. For example, during the etching process, it reduces any adverse effect such as particle getting stuck in the equipment by only controlling the temperature to certain degrees. There are many different heater materials, but recently demands Mica heater have been popular since it can precisely control the temperature and for its flatness.

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<SMG’s window frame type Mica heater material>

SMG has improved the process to produce heater products by pressing Mica material. Previously, it was made by attaching pieces of Mica material, but the new SMG process enables large-area pressing at once. There is no need for bolts and nuts to stack and fix the Mica material layer by layer, so production time can be significantly reduced. Through the new process, SMG has started producing not only suitable size for wafers heaters but also window frame type Mica heaters with a size of 1m in width and height.

SMG plans to respond to the rapidly increasing demand for semiconductor and display equipment with Mica heaters produced through a new process. SMG explained that the demand for semiconductor equipment as well as related parts has increased significantly due to the recent shortage of semiconductor supply. In the case of Mica heaters, the estimated market growth is expected to nearly double compared to last year. Currently, the new SMG Mica heater is undergoing sample testing with domestic semiconductor and display equipment manufacturers.

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Seoyeon Bang, CEO of SMG, said, “We have successfully secured a mass production system that can quickly deliver to semiconductor and display equipment companies. We will strengthen domestic and overseas sales activities based on patents for design and manufacturing methods of Mica heater products as well as introducing new processes.”

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