A South Korean semiconductor education contents provider called PeDiSem will cooperate with Hanyang University and start a ‘HY Semiconductor Master Degree’ program. The program teaches job seekers and students and actual workers about semiconductor integration technology, latest processes, and application technology. Those who finish the program will be given a certificate in the name of the president of Hanyang University.
PeDiSem announced on Monday that it would start the program starting from this July.
The program was made by PeDiSem and Hanyang University in order to train talented individuals for the semiconductor industry.
The program was planned based on an idea from ‘Micro Degree’ that has recently started to become popular within the academic world. It is drawing the spotlight for its ability to teach technical expertise in a short period of time and at a low cost.
PeDiSem, which was established by Professor Song Yun-heup who is an expert in NAND flash, has prepared the program by working with Hanyang University.
The certificate given when the program is completed can be utilized for performance evaluation and job seekers. 11 of the top semiconductor professors in South Korea have participated in the program. Lecturers who had led major semiconductor research projects at Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix or worked as executives at these companies will also be part of the program.

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The program is largely divided into semiconductor integration technology, semiconductor application technology, and semiconductor process technology. Courses related to semiconductor integration technology will talk about principles on how DRAM, NAND flash, and logic semiconductor are made. Courses related to semiconductor process technology will talk about principles of key semiconductor processes such as etching and deposition as well as advanced processes such as EUV and ALD (atomic-layer deposition). Courses related to semiconductor application technology will talk about technologies related to image sensor, packaging, and system semiconductor.
The education course is made up of 10 weeks of an actual course and another 3 weeks of certification process. Every learning material is provided as digital visualization content. The program is also held online due to the current situation with COVID-19. During the 3-week certification process, students will be given a mock test to prepare for job interview while workers from the semiconductor industry will be given additional tasks that will help develop a problem-solving ability.
The program will be the first semiconductor degree program attempted by the semiconductor industry. “We want to give opportunities for workers in the semiconductor industry to look at the forest rather than a tree.” said CEO Song of PeDiSem. “I am confident that the program will allow them to learn comprehensive knowledge about semiconductor in a short period of time.”
Professor An Geun-ok of SK Hynix University who had worked as the head of the NAND Flash R&D division at SK Hynix, said that the program is made up of courses that reflect demands from semiconductor companies and that the program will be a good opportunity for both workers in the semiconductor industry and job seekers.
Staff Reporter Kang, Hyeryung | kang@etnews.com