Inzent was awarded the honorable grand award at the 20th Korea SW Company Competitiveness Awards. Megazone Cloud was awarded the grand award for the category of contribution towards job creation while TmaxSoft was awarded the grand award for the category of building of corporate capabilities.
The Korea SW Company Competitiveness Awards awards companies based on their capabilities in many different fields such as human resources, technical skills, market value, and internalization. It is held by the Electronic Times, Korea Software Industry Association, Yonsei University’s Intelligent Information Research Center, and Korea Software Financial Cooperative and is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT.
Top awards went to Saltlux (IT Solution), Covision (IT Solution), BSG Partners (System Integration), Muyahu (Internet Service), and GC (Information Communication/Network). Runner-up awards went to Wonderful Platform (IT Solution)), B&F Technology (IT Solution), Seojin CNS (IT Infrastructure), Info Valley Korea (System Integration, CICSOFT (Internet Service), QTT (Embeded/Mobile), and DG Entertainment (Information Communication/Network). The top award (Electronic Times President Award) for the category of contribution towards job creation went to CrowdWorks. The top award (Intelligent Information Research Center Director Award) for the category of building of corporate capabilities went to Konan Technology.
Special awards were also awarded. CKNB and Wise iTech were awarded with top awards for a company that has expanded its business abroad (Electronic Times President Award) and for building of employee capabilities (Korea Software Financial Cooperative Director Award) respectively. Also, Knowledge Cube and ATZsoft were awarded with the top award for employee satisfaction (Korea Software Financial Cooperative Director Award) and the New SW Industry Rookie Award (Intelligent Information Research Center Director Award) respectively.
All awards were based on evaluations from a SW company evaluation system developed by the Intelligent Information Research Center.
◊Inzent awarded with the honorable grand award
Inzent is a software (SW) company that has been providing smart business, data, system integration, and comprehensive device solutions for 20 years. Based on its experience and knohow, it provides innovative business services by combining data and AI technology.
The company has made its growth by being recognized for its abilities in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) market are led by global manufacturers from overseas. It has many experiences and skills in establishing various ECM solutions in the financial and IT industries and is seen as the company with the highest level of technologies in the field. It is also known to have the best expertise in the MyData industry.
“Based on our technical skills and knowhow in system integration and experiences in setting up open API (Application Programming Interface) systems for financial and public organizations, we suggest MyData business strategies that are optimized for each industry.” said a representative for Inzent. “By providing digital innovation solutions that are needed for various businesses, we are going to establish ourselves as a partner that raises competitive edge of businesses by one step higher.”

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<The 20th Korea SW Company Competitive Awards’ award ceremony was held on Wednesday at Hotel Samjung. Key personnel and award winners are taking a commemorative picture. Staff Reporter Lee, Donggeun | >

◊Megazone Cloud awarded with the grand award for making contributions towards job creation
Megazone Cloud, which was established in 1998, has been specializing in IT infrastructures and solutions and services for companies and actively running its business in South Korea. Its expertise in cloud started with a SaaS (Service as a Software) service in 2009 and being the first company to introduce AWS (Amazon Web Services) in South Korea in 2012. It is showing a rapid growth as it currently has about 3,000 customers in South Korea and made $470 million (520 billion KRW) in revenue last year.
“We provide different services and solutions to our customers through close relationships with about 16 affiliated companies.” said a representative for the company. “Based on our own cloud ecosystem, we plan to provide the best MSP (Managed Service Provider) service to our customers in South Korea and a variety of third-party solutions globally.”
◊TmaxSoft wins the grand award for building of corporate capabilities
TmaxSoft has achieved a variety of success in South Korea and other countries since its established in 1997 by competing against global companies with its own system SW.
Its main SW called JEUS was the top SW in the WAS (Web Application Server) market in 2003 after beating out SW from other global companies. It still remains as the top SW since then with a market share of over 40%. It recently applied “JEUS” and “WebtoB” successfully to the main cloud-based IT system of an education platform called “Cyber Learning System” that was launched for online learning of elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.
“We plan to provide services based on AI and collaboration transformation strategies that correspond to the intelligent information society from here and out.” said a representative for TmaxSoft. “We are going to establish a strong framework for AI-based innovative SaaS through middleware and provide an enhanced system platform.”
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