Intel is preparing to target the global laptop market that is set to face a peak season through its new CPU and GPU.
Intel Korea held an online presentation on Thursday and announced that it would release 30 laptop models with 11th Gen Core Processors by the end of this year.
Intel emphasized that its new laptops are equipped with necessary functions after working with eight laptop manufacturers including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Acer, and Dell.
◊Intel’s 11th Gen Core Processors provide faster speed and better graphics and AI acceleration
Intel’s 11th Gen Core Processors are built on Intel’s 10nm SuperFin process. SuperFin process is an improved process of the current FinFET structure.
Its 11th Gen Core Processors have 20% faster speed than the previous generation as they are built on 10nm process and a new semiconductor structure and they also have two and five times better graphic performance and AI acceleration respectively. They have also a new GPU called Iris Xe built in and provide better laptop performance overall.
According to Intel, laptops with its 11th Gen Core Processors have 20% faster office productivity than its competitors’ processors and they also have twice faster picture editing speed and video editing speed. In other words, owners of laptops with 11th Gen Core Processors are able to edit videos like YouTube videos on their laptops without any problem and at a much faster rate.
The company also added that consumers are able to enjoy games at 1080p for the first time on Intel’s integrated graphics and that its latest processors are able to provide two times faster gaming plus streaming than its competitors’ processors.
It also emphasized that its latest processors are also able to make laptops thinner and lighter while providing much better performance. LG Electronics’ Gram that was introduced at the presentation only weighed 1.19 kilograms while having a 16-inch screen.

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<Intel Korea introduced laptops from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Acer that are equipped with its latest 11th Gen Core Processors.>

◊Intel’s “Evo” brand provides much better mobility
In addition to laptops with Intel’s 11th Gen Core Processors, Intel also introduced a new brand called “Evo”. The Evo brand is known for its excellent usability and mobility.
Intel labels a laptop “Evo” if it is able to restart the system in just one second on power-saving mode, last more than 9 hours when Full HD display is used, or last at least 4 hours with 30 minutes of charging. In other words, “Evo” laptops are differentiated even from a group of laptops with 11th Gen Core Processors.
“The Evo platform’s characteristic is that it holds every function that mobile users desire.” said Choi Won-hyeok who is a director at Intel Korea. “We were able to commercialize the platform after working with many laptop manufacturers.”
December and the beginning of a new year are considered as the biggest peak season for the global PC industry due to start of a new semester. About 30 to 40% annual laptop sales take place during these times.
Intel, the world’s biggest semiconductor company, is pushing to expand the global mobile P market by improving performance of its processors through microfabrication technology and attempting to change form factors with PC manufacturers.
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