EDGC (Eone Diagnomics Genome Center) announced on Thursday that it signed a long-term contract for a minimum of six months with the Ministry of Health & Prevention of the UAE along with its affiliated company Solgent and that it plans to supply 12 million COVID-19 diagnostic kits based on RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) molecular diagnosis that has the highest accuracy in determining infection.
This contract is separated from a contract for 2.55 million test kits that lasts from October 20 to the end of 2020 and is the biggest contract for the company. The company already supplied 500,000 test kits from last month’s contract and is supplying 250,000 test kits every week. With the recent contract, it now has to supply 500,000 additional test kits every week.

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“This additional supply will go to the Ministry of Health & Prevention, and our contract will extend depending on current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.” said CEO Yoo Jae-hyung of Solgent.
Shin Sang-cheol, who is the CEO of EDGC, said that his company plans to target other eight countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel through the company’s global network.
Meanwhile, Solgent plans to finish the construction of a new smart factory next month and install necessary equipment as soon as possible in order to deal with large contracts rapidly.
Staff Reporter Kwon, Sanghee | shkwon@etnews.com