Significantly strengthened container security function and multi-tenancy function

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Cloud expert NAMUTECH (CEO Chul Jung) announced on the 6th that it released the cloud-native platform 'Cocktail Cloud v4.5.’

Organizations are emphasizing the digital transformation strategies to create value through new businesses and services that incorporate next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data beyond the realization of low cost and high-efficiency merits by adopting the cloud.

Cocktail Cloud supports a customized cloud implementation environment according to the business environment of the enterprise. As a cloud native platform that provides multi-cluster and hybrid cloud environments, the advantage is that all applications deployed in multi-clusters, physical servers, and cloud infrastructure can be integrated and managed from a single control point.

Cloud application development and operational efficiency is a crucial factor in implementing IT services that are changing rapidly. This product ensures high scalability of applications and efficiency of development/operation through business automation, microservices, and integrated monitoring.

The highlights of Cocktail Cloud v4.5 are enhanced enterprise features and cluster security features.

Cocktail Cloud boasts enterprise features that Kubernetes does not have. With the single click of a button, users can configure clusters automatically, making it easier to install and operate Kubernetes on bare metal or private cloud.

NAMUTECH also further strengthened the cluster security. Cluster audit log tracking, container image risk inspection, security policy central management, account issuance/recovery, and expiration date setting features are applied to avoid container risks and manage cluster resource usage accounts in an integrated manner.

Also, companies need a multi-tenancy environment for organizations and teams, and integrated management, security, and monitoring of infrastructure resources and status for application operation. For this, Cocktail Cloud provides a multi-tenancy, multi-cluster management, and security management environment.

Cocktail Cloud proved its technology by achieving the Certified Kubernetes software conformance of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in the cloud product category for the first time in Korea.

NAMUTECH CEO Chul Jung said, “Amid the recent expansion of organizations transitioning to containers from the legacy infrastructure environment, we are solidifying our position by successfully carrying out projects for conglomerates as well as banking and non-banking sectors of the financial sector with our unique cloud platform technology.”

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