The Ministry of National Defense’s (MND) antivirus project has entered its final stage. Although the project was in danger when R.O.K Cyber Command was going through a situation with COVID-19 infection, it is expected that there will not be any issue with constructing internal and external antivirus networks.
According to the MND and the industry, it is confirmed that the 2020 antivirus software construction project for the entire South Korean army is almost completed. The MND believes that the project will be completed in next month if the COVID-19 situation does not get any worse.
“Our antivirus project is almost completed and it is expected to be completed sometime next month.” said an official from the MND.
It was not a smooth sailing for the project as there was a confirmed COVID-19 case from R.O.K Cyber Command that oversees the project. “The MND heard from R.O.K Cyber Command that there was a confirmed COVID-19 case when the MND sent its staff for the project.” said a representative for the industry. “Corresponding staff was immediately isolated to an area designated by the MND.”

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R.O.K Cyber Command immediately isolated everyone who entered its building after learning that one of its staff sergeants was positive for COVID-19 and had conducted many inspections. It also tested everyone from the MND’s antivirus project unit for COVID-19. Everyone from the unit was found to be negative for COVID-19 after the test.
This year’s antivirus project is divided into internal and external networks unlike previous years. In 2019, AhnLab’s “V3” and Hauri’s “ViRobot” were selected for the internal network and the external network respectively. KSign was selected for the construction and management parts of the project.
Previously, a security software provider called Hauri was responsible for the MND’s antivirus software for both internal and external networks. However, its antivirus software for the internal network was replaced with AhnLab’s software this year.
Meanwhile, the first trial that the MND filed against LG CNS and Hauri continues to be delayed. The MND filed a lawsuit against them over the 2016 cyberattacks on military internet servers. Although the first trial’s decision was set to be made in early February initially, defense for both sides has continued as the justice department requested additional documents from the MND. Due date for defense has been postponed twice already in a span of April and May.
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