SENSORVIEW has started producing antennas and cables for 5G smartphone inspection equipment and supplying them to Samsung Electronics’ plant in Vietnam. It is planning to expand its business towards the high frequency semiconductor chipset inspection market by developing antennas and cables for inspecting 5G telecommunications devices and transmission lines that are placed inside of 5G devices.
SENSORVIEW (CEO Kim Byeong-nam) announced that it has recently supplying cables and antennas for mmWave OTA (Over-The-Air) test to Samsung Electronics’ smartphone production plant in Vietnam.
According to the rules of an international organization for standardization on mobile telecommunication, every mobile telecommunication device and repeating including FR 2 smartphones has go through an OTA total inspection. SENSORVIEW had gone through certification procedures from smartphone manufacturers in the past year and it has succeeded in participating mmWave mass-production lines of global customers such as Samsung Electronics.
“Due to commercialization of 5G network, it has become important to produce products including FR2 band.” said CEO Kim Byeong-nam. “Because CPE (Customer-Premises Equipment), femtocell, and products based on WiGig in addition to smartphones require OTA test, there will be more demands for our antennas and cables.”
“There have been growing demands for high-performance antennas and cables for inspecting products that use 70GHz band.” said CEO Kim. “Most of our customers request antennas and cables as a unified system rather than purchasing them separately.”

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Because SENSORVIEW has recently received approvals from foreign customers, it is planning to introduce a unified antenna and cable system that can perform OTA inspection on products that use 70GHz band.
Its antennas support vertically and horizontally polarized waves under 5G commercialized frequencies such as 24, 28, and 39GHz bands. It is planning to release an antenna early next year that can also support 43GHz in addition to other three bands at the same time. It has already made necessary preparations to increase supplies by predicting that demands for mmWave cables and antennas will increase rapidly.
Its cables are mmWave broadband products that have world’s best phase stability and low loss performance. It has developed world’s first dielectric compression molding cable that has propagation velocity of 84%. Considering the fact that VP of a high-frequency cable with high specifications is 77%, its cable has much better loss ratio and speed.
“We are currently developing a comprehensive solution based on dielectric compression molding cable as demands for cables for inspecting AiP (Antenna in Package) that will go into wireless 5G devices are increasing rapidly within the domestic market and foreign markets.” said CEO Kim.
Staff Reporter Lee, Joonhee |