Season 1 of ‘TryAngle’, which looks for next blockchain projects, was held at INOSPACE on the 18th. TryAngle is a platform that provides opportunities for startups and it is set up by StarinTech.
“TryAngle gathers startups based on various technologies and it allows them to understand each other’s strengths and look for a groundwork for possible collaboration.” said CEO Moon Kyung-mi of StarinTech while giving greetings. “We hope that participants will be able to find mutual points while the season 1 carries on for the next five weeks.” She also added that not only does TryAngle match normal people with experts, but it will also help the public to understand startups that are not known better.
There are 10 blockchain projects that will be participating in the season 1. There are 7 South Korean teams (Wehome, MEDIEUS, Ziktalk, ARTBLOC, AnimalGo, Elynet, CAMP GLOBAL) and 3 foreign teams (Baby Token, Macblock, Confluc Chain).
These teams have applied blockchain technology to various fields and they all have business models that can be actually applied to real life.
They were each given time to introduce their business models in front of representatives from cryptocurrency exchanges and venture capital firms.
“Wehome utilizes blockchain technology to implement sharing lodging and sharing economy where participants are the owners.” said CEO Cho San-gu of Wehome. “Through regulatory sandbox on ICT (Information Communication Technology), we are planning to legally expand our business towards local lodging.”

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“Although MEDIEUS’ service starts off as a hospital and doctor recommendation service, we are planning to expand our service towards products that are suitable for caregivers for the sick and individuals.” said CEO Park Bo-hyeon of MEDIEUS.
“Through AI (Artificial Intelligence), our service can understand the age of a companion animal through its feces, lineage, and tooth.” said Ferddie Ryang who is a senior researcher from AnimalGo’s development team. “We are currently developing a technology that can understand the feeling of a companion animal by analyzing its sound.”
Director Jay Kim of BW Exchange, Team Leader Kim Min-hyeok of BitForex’s Listing Team, Jin Hye-ah who manages BIKI’s foreign businesses, Director Shin Seon-ho of Ethereum Classic Labs, and Manager Ignas Tauras of Hanbitco’s Business Development are the judges for the season 1.
Reports on participating teams will be issued through a global blockchain public announcement site called Xangle and they will be made public as a result.
Starting with the first event on the 18th, TryAngle’s season 1 will hold an event on every Monday until the 16th of December. Companies that are the judges of the season 1 will select teams either to list them on their exchanges for free or to invest in them. Ethereum Classic Labs is planning to invest more than $855,000 (1 billion KRW) into a team that it is going to select.
PROBIT, DigiFinex, ZG, and IDAS will each select a team that it is going to list on its exchange for free.
Staff Reporter Kim, Jihye |