A forum has been established to draw ways for implementing competitive ecosystem and ways to develop medium and long-term technologies for intelligent semiconductor that has emerged as a key technology that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) held a ‘general meeting for Intelligent Semiconductor Forum’ at Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam on the 24th with 100 representatives from industries, universities, and research institutes in attendance. Honorary Professor Park Young-joon of Seoul National University’s Electric Information Engineering Department was elected as the chairman of the forum during the meeting.
The forum will allow industries, universities, and research institutes to share latest trends and direction of development of technologies on intelligent semiconductor and look for development of individuals, standardization, and ways of collaborating industries, universities, and research institutes. 170 from 60 major corporations, South Korean semiconductor fabless companies, global businesses such as Intel and NVIDIA, universities, government-funded research institutes and agencies attended the forum as members. The forum is comprised of technology committee, ecosystem committee, and industrial-educational collaboration committee so that technical discussions can take place per different field.
“Our forum is a consultative group comprised of industries, universities, and research institutes to develop our AI and semiconductor industries and we are going to look for ways to develop future semiconductor technologies.” said Chairman Park Young-joon of Intelligent Semiconductor Forum. “We are not going to be based on benefits of certain individuals, but we are going to solely focus on developing entire system semiconductor industry.”

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<A seminar for celebrating establishment of Intelligent Semiconductor Forum was held at Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam on the 24th. Staff Reporter Park, Jiho | jihopress@etnews.com>

Recent trends of domestic and foreign technologies on intelligent semiconductor and roadmaps for various researches were announced at a seminar with the topic ‘Future Strategies for Intelligent Semiconductor Industry and Technology to Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ that was held to celebrate establishment of the forum.
For trends in South Korea, Vice-Chairman Choi Seung-jong of LG Electronics, Executive Director Sim Eun-soo of Samsung Electronics, and Park Kyung who is a researcher from SK Hynix made presentations on leading products and intelligent semiconductor solutions, AI processor based on convergence of software and hardware, and data processing technology respectively. For trends in foreign countries, Director Cha Jung-hoon of NVIDIA Korea and Director Choi Si-yeon of Intel Korea talked about NVIDIA’s future strategies on GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and Intel’s architecture based on AI respectively. Professor Choi Ki-young of Seoul National University talked about research on intelligent semiconductor, training of skilled individuals, and roadmap on research. Section Chief Hong Sung-wan of MSIT introduced current status of South Korean Government’s policies for supporting intelligent semiconductor industry.
Vice-Minister Min Won-ki of MSIT stated at the commemoration ceremony that South Korean Government is going to provide active support so that South Korea can implement world’s best intelligent semiconductor.
“While semiconductor market is growing at an average annual rate of 4.3% until 2020, intelligent semiconductor market is growing at a rate of 55%.” said Vice-Minister Min. “It is very meaningful to have a forum like this when our semiconductor industry, which is a key industrial for South Korea’s economy, is going through difficult time.” He also emphasized that South Korea’s semiconductor industry needs to make intelligent semiconductor as its new driving force through skilled individuals that have been nurtured.
Staff Reporter Kang, Hyeryung | kang@etnews.com & Staff Reporter Park, Jisung | jisung@etnews.com