DeCentre (CEO Lee Dong-hyuk) has increased number of cryptocurrencies that can be used in a daily life to four cryptocurrencies that include Ether, PTON, COZ, and SYNCO.
DeCentre announced that it signed a business partnership with Synco (CEO Son Eun-kyung), which provides blockchain platforms, regarding expansion of an ecosystem related to Coinpresso cryptocurrency payment.
Through this agreement, Synco Token that is a key currency of ChainB exchange can be used at DeCentre’s café in Gangnam. Currently, one Synco Token is equivalent to $0.0018 (2 KRW) and it can be remitted through a QR code located at DeCentre’s café. For example, 2,000 Synco Tokens can be used to purchase a coffee that costs $3.55 (4,000 KRW). When value of Synco Token goes up, actual prices of DeCentre’s cafes also go up. Synco is planning to expand use of Synco Token so that it can be naturally used in daily lives.
Synco operates communities, media, and academy related to blockchain to form healthy blockchain culture and to find and support promising blockchain projects. Also, it is creating new customer values and business opportunities through a cryptocurrency exchange called ChainB that is based on IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) and ILO (Inside Listing Offering). It shares profits made from ChainB with ChainB users and Synco Token holders.

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<CEO Lee Dong-hyuk (right) of DeCentre and CEO Son Eun-kyung of Synco signed a business partnership regarding Coinpresso blockchain payment and PG (Payment Gateway) business.>

DeCentre is working on expanding its business towards ‘Coinpresso’ cryptocurrency payment and PG (Payment Gateway) service starting from this year aside from its main businesses such as blockchain accelerating and marketing. It is currently developing Coinpresso business by securing wide network with many blockchain companies and cryptocurrency exchanges. It opened its first DeCentre Café that can hold blockchain Meetup last year and had held more than 20 Meetups with blockchain industry.
“Through this partnership, our token can now be used in a daily life aside from being used to pay for fees for using ChainB.” said CEO Son Eun-kyung of Synco. “We are going to work together with DeCentre to continue to increase number of users of our service.”
“We have commercialized a coin payment service called Coinpresso and established a system where Ether (ETH), PTON, COZ can be used at our cafes. Now we have added Synco Token to that list.” said CEO Lee Dong-hyuk of DeCentre. “We are going to eventually increase the number of cryptocurrencies to 20 and become the leading company in expanding use of cryptocurrencies in daily life.”
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