Sejong University (President Koo Shin) revealed that it ranked in as 93rd in Asia and 17th in Korea in the '2016 Asia University Ranking' by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds), a global university ranking institute in Britain.
Sejong University ranked within the top 100 as 93rd this year. This remarkable achievement is followed by the university taking 14th place in the 2016 Times Higher Education THE). Sejong University secured its position as one of the leading schools in that it ranked 11th in the 2016 Leiden Ranking nationally. It overtook the rest of Korean universities by ranking 4th in the social sciences and humanities and 5th in the life and earth sciences of the 2016 Leiden Ranking.
Sejong University has invited a faculty of outstanding professors in order to improve in its field of research and provided much support in increasing number of citations in the top 10% of foreign research papers. Moreover, an electronic roll call system has been implemented and the use of the Blackboard and E-Learning has been increased to improve learning conditions, while computer coding is being taught to all students as a compulsory course.
Sejong University also focused on the globalization criterion and attracting foreign students by recruiting global marketers from countries such as China, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and India to hold a study-abroad exhibition. As a result, it currently has a credit exchange program within 224 universities in 42 countries as of May 2016, rising from last year's record by 27 universities and 7 countries. Currently there are approximately 1,411 foreign students enrolled at Sejong University and roughly 300 students are being sent out by every semester as exchange students to foreign universities.
Furthermore, Sejong University runs a 'Global Buddy' program in which Korean students interact with foreign students. This program entails an installment of facilities such as a Global Lounge for the convenience of foreign students where they can freely interact with each other. This enables foreign students to not only excel in their course studies but also encourage interaction with domestic students so that they can have an overall satisfactory experience studying abroad.
In an interview President Koo Shin of Sejong University emphasized, "Sejong University ranked 11th in Korea in the Leiden Ranking. We have invited a faculty of outstanding professors and reinforced our area of globalization in order to give our students more opportunities to study abroad. Sejong University was the first in Korea to mandate computer coding as a compulsory course for all enrolled students. We are working hard to foster excellent talents that the country and society need."
Staff Reporter Bang, Eunjoo |