Automotive black boxes that are equipped with e-Call function is soon to be released. One can send a request for rescue even when he or she lost consciousness or is in a situation where he or she is unable to walk with this function. This function is a service that utilizes many black box technologies such as video and voice processing, communication, analysis of vehicle information and others comprehensively. It is expected that industries will start to compete for enhancement of black boxes due to release of ‘e-Call Black Box’.
MCNEX (CEO Min Dong-wook) made an announcement on the 9th that it is developing communication-type black box with e-Call function, which is to be released sometime next year. e-Call is a service that automatically connects to a control center or rescue authorities when there is a huge car accident. By pushing forward time of departure from a rescue team, it lowers rate of fatality from an accident. This is the first time when this function is installed in a black box.
MCNEX is releasing this product to strengthen its B2C business. MCNEX is a middle-grade parts distributor that has grown by supplying camera modules for Smartphones and vehicles and entered B2C market by releasing ‘eyeCLON’ brand last year. It is currently selling automotive black boxes and network cameras and it recently has secured 1,500 offline distribution network after selling its products online in the past.
MCNEX is still selling ‘eyeCLON L7 Prime’, which is a communication-type black box. By using SKT’s communication network, it provides black box remote control and alarm service from a Smartphone. This product was also the first one where LTE communication was applied in a black box.
“Based on video technologies that were recognized by many distinguished global customers, MCNEX released communication-type black box L7.” said CEO Min Dong-wook of MCNEX. “We are going to develop a next model with e-Call function so that calls can be automatically made to insurance companies or 911 when there is an accident.”

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-Call black box is a product that utilizes main technologies of communication-type black boxes. A black box is normally equipped with a camera for recording a video and a speaker and a microphone for recording. It also reads OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) information such as mileage, acceleration speed, status of air bags, and others. If communication function is equipped to these basic functions, black boxes can send status of a vehicle and make basic calls. Major goal of development of e-Call black box is to increase degree of accuracy that can recognize an accident.
It is predicted that competition for enhancement of black boxes will become fierce around industries due to release of e-Call black box. South Korea’s black box industry carries out enhancement strategies to respond to cheap foreign products. Not only is it improving quality of a black box, but it is also developing variety of additional functions that help with safety of driving.
ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) functions such as LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) are implemented through black boxes. These are all functions that were designated for new vehicles of automotive manufacturers. If a black box has ADAS function, these functions can also be used for older vehicles.
e-Call is also a function that was a designated function for finished vehicles and has emerged as a hot topic around automotive industries as it was obligated to have this function in vehicles in Europe, the U.S., Russia and others. As black boxes are becoming more enhanced, high-tech safety functions such as ADAS and e-Call are expanding in after markets.
“Although we cannot specify the release date of e-Call black box, we have decided to develop a black box that will have e-Call function.” said a representative for MCNEX. “Our goal is to increase level of accuracy of its functions while utilizing major technologies of black box.”
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