To promote nano technology, the government is investing 480.54million dollars(527billions KRW) into technology development, commercialization, and manpower training. It is also continuing its research to strengthen its stability to use safe nano technology.

Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning (MSIP) announced on the 25th that it is pushing for ‘2015 implementing plan to develop nano technology’, which has contents that describe about government’s investment into new industry creation and entry of being a leading nation in nano technology.

Federated to ‘nano technology industrialization strategy’, which is co-published by MSIP, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and Ministry of Environment, implementation plan’s feature is that it strengthened industrialization field. Although government’s investment fell 0.7% from 527.4 million dollars to 531.3 milliondollars(484.10billions KRW), nation’s whole investment in nano field increased as it is separately pushing for industrialization of nano technology.

It chose the followings as its main focus to push for: Strengthening competitiveness in nano technology by using all technology development, Accelerating industrialization of promising nano technology, Strengthening stability for the use of safe nano technology, Training professional manpower tailored for industry and high-caliber talents, Strengthening infrastructure to support commercializing technologies.

Nano technology industrialization field federated to nano technology industrialization strategy, they are focusing on securing 7 important technologies such as 3D nano electronic device, IoT application, environment nano sensor, and etc. To commercialize superior research result, it is starting technology development business for demand federation at 2.46million dollars and technology development business that support small and startup businesses at 11.5 million dollars.

It is also strengthening infrastructure that supports technology industrialization. It is going to establish ‘nano information network’, which allows easy access by gathering information from variety of different institutions, and it is also going to create a network with leading countries such as the U.S. and EU.

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Nano technology development is supporting basic research, nano bio, nano energy, environment, and fusion research that develop nano materials and devices.

As use of nano technology is increasing, it is also stressing importance of pushing for research to eliminate stability problems that are being brought up. By expanding operation of ‘stability of nano substance policy meeting’, which have 5 government ministries participants such as MSIP, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and Ministry of Environment, and etc., it is establishing a cooperative system of government departments related to nano stability. It is going to set up a research to establish stability standards and evaluation technique and certification system to measure stability.

Bk21 Plus business and research support business that emphasize on college are supporting businesses that will train many talented people who will be leaders in nano field.

“A characteristic of implementation plan to develop nano technology is that although it is being pushes separately as nano technology industrialization, it is strengthening industrialization field to have a federation. By reflecting on fast-growing nano business, we will establish 4th nano technology development plan and make technology development and support measure for industrialization systematically.” Head Chief Song Kyung Hee of fusion technology department of MSIP revealed about its future plan with nano technology development.

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