Samsung Display and LG Display Engaged in OLED Patent Lawsuits

Moon Bo-kyung Nov 20, 2012

Samsung Display filed a suit against LG Display, claiming that seven of the OLED patents of the latter are invalid. Earlier than that, LG display had sued Samsung Display for its alleged infringement of the seven patents. The conflict is intensifying between the two companies in the OLED display market.

Samsung Display announced on November 19 that it brought up a lawsuit with the Korean Intellectual Property Tribunal to claim that the seven patents lack novelty and inventive step and thus are invalid. The litigation is going to be in progress apart from the suit raised by LG Display.

It was back in September this year that LG Display instituted the lawsuit against Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display, saying that the Galaxy S3 and their other latest smart phones infringed upon its patents on OLED panel design. The seven is divided into three on OLED panel design technology, another three on OLED driving circuit technology and one on the design of an OLED apparatus.

The recent lawsuit raised by Samsung Display is to refute the allegation and claim that the patents are null and void from the get go. Once the invalidity is proven, the litigation brought up by LG Display becomes pointless.

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