SK Telecom and LG U+ Will Begin World’s First VoLTE Commercialization on August 8

Hwang Tae-ho Aug 08, 2012

SK Telecom and LG U+ will commercialize Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for the first time in the world.

As the voice communication that has been performed only in existing circuit networks has moved into internet protocols (IP), the “desired era of all IP” has finally arrived.

On August 8, the two companies will introduce smartphones equipped with VoLTE software. SK Telecom will launch Galaxy S3, and LG U+ will release Galaxy S3 and Optimus LTE2. As known earlier, SK Telecom has chosen “HD Voice” as the name of its service. LG U+ has presented a new VoLTE brand “Jium.”

Unlike existing voice communication, VoLTE allows the use of various integration services while talking on the phone. HD voice communication, video and chat services, and various content sharing that includes maps, music, and schedules will be combined with voice communication through LTE networks. There are an infinite number of areas that can be integrated additionally.

Like the existing voice communication, a fee that is based on the number of seconds used will be charged on VoLTE. People who have already purchased Galaxy S3 and Optimus LTE2 can use VoLTE through a software upgrade in August.

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