Tibero RDBMS Applied to KT’s Olleh TV Monitoring System

Oct 18, 2011

The Tibero RDBMS, a domestically developed database management system, is employed in KT’s Olleh TV Monitoring System for the second year in a row. Tibero announced on October 17 that it supplied the solution to the telecom operator for this year’s Internet-contents-on-demand (ICOD) platform establishment project. The company added that the Tibero Active Cluster (TAC), which is its large-scale database processing and shared database clustering technology, was provided along with it.The Tibero RDBMS is used in the monitoring of the Olleh TV VOD service platform called A-MOC System. KT has already applied the RDBMS and TAC to the improvement of its service care system for Olleh TV troubleshooting and managed data as vast as 20 million to 30 million transactions per day. Seong Hyeon-hee

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