NIPA to Begin Establishment of “Indian Software Development Supporting Center”

Sung Hyun-hee Jun 20, 2011

An offshore development center (ODC) called “Indian Software Development Supporting Center” will be established to help Korean software companies use Indian manpower to develop software. The purpose is to improve domestic companies’ software developing abilities by utilizing Indian human resources capable of developing high-quality software while resolving the manpower shortage problem at home. Jeong Gyeong-won, President of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) announced that it has decided to build the ODC in Bengaluru, india, at the “ODC Establishment and Pilot Project Implementation Seminar” which was held at its Seoul office on June 17, NIPA surveyed Korean companies to figure out their demands over the last two months and is currently looking for an Indian partner for this ODC project. The list of local partner candidates includes Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, and L&T Infotech that entered the Korean market, engaging in various business activities. One of them will be selected after a two-month research. In order to minimize problems that can arise from the ODC operation, NIPA will choose a pilot project and provide additional supports, including paying for consulting expenses.

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