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Samsung Electronics’ Q1 Performance Drawing Attention

2013/01/15 By Ryu Kyung-dong

Samsung Electronics achieved record sales for three consecutive quarters until the last quarter of 2012. Though experts have mixed opinions about the sales forecast for Q1, 2013, a majority of them are positive about new sales records.
According to financial information provider FnGuide, Samsung Electronics’ turnover and operating profits are expected to decrease 4.93% and 5.88% quarter on quarter to 53,240.6 billion and 8,282.9 billion won in Q1 of this year, respectively. The net profit is estimated to decline 4.58% to 6,804.7 billion won, too. Still, the year-on-year figures are forecast to increase 17.61%, 41.58% and 34.79% each.
With the company having broken its own sales record for three quarters in a row, some industry insiders are predicting that the momentum will lose some steam this quarter. However, the others are saying that it will be able to set a new high by increasing the operating profits to over nine trillion won.
NH Investment & Securities research analyst Lee Sun-tae predicted that the business profits would increase 1.9% from a quarter earlier to nine trillion won. Tongyang Securities and Mirae Asset Securities also estimated the figure at 9.8 trillion won and 9.187 trillion won, respectively.


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