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“There are No Losers in Patent War between Apple and Samsung”

2012/09/19 By Kwon Dong-joon

It has been pointed out that Korean firms have to learn a lesson from the patent litigation between Samsung Electronics and Apple and further their efforts for technological innovation while shifting the focus of their competition paradigm from enterprises to consumers.
On September 18, at an industry conference at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul, patent attorney Jung Woo-sung said in his keynote speech, “We don’t have to see the patent war negatively but need to approach it in a business strategy perspective.” He added, “In this aspect, neither Samsung nor Apple is a loser.” He is the patent lawyer representing Choi Jung International Patent and Law Firm.
According to him, patent lawsuits are not a war of attrition but a process of technological innovation. He continued, “Technological power is shifting from manufacturers to consumers and it is evidenced by the fact that user experience and design have been treated more importantly in the suits than technical patents.”


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