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Samsung Electronics and Apple Moving Secretly to Hide Their Designs

2012/04/10 By Kim In-soon

Samsung Electronics and Apple, which are set to release Galaxy S3 and iPhone5 respectively, are implementing covert operations in the network interworking tests of their products, for fear of their designs being leaked.

Network interworking is a process to test the mobile phone’s network-related services such as receiving and sending voice data, and data services in the mobile operators’ real network environment before its release. Mobile phone manufacturers provide telecom operators with mobile products for network interworking tests two months ahead of their release.

Samsung Electronics and Apple have kept the network interworking tests of Galaxy S3 and iPhone5 completely undisclosed. These products are highly likely to come out on the market in May and June. A high-ranking official from a telecom company said, “Mobile manufacturers usually provide mobile phones for network interworking tests two months before launching them. But we predict that we will be able to run the test for Galaxy S3 right before the release. We are preparing to perform the test as fast as possible because the time is short.”

Apple has decided not to provide telecom operators with mobile products for the test. The American mobile manufacturer has reportedly commissioned a company specializing in the test of network interworking to test the South Korean telecom companies’ network environment. South Korean telecom companies are expected to see iPhone when the release of the product is near at hand.


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