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Samsung Display Mass-produces World’s First Flexible Display

2012/09/11 By Moon Bo-kyung

According to an industry source on September 10, Samsung Display has decided to mass-produce flexible AM OLED displays using a plastic board in early November and started the job of choosing materials.
The first model of the flexible display is unbreakable because of using a plastic board. To be precise, the first model is not using a flexible panel but an ordinary thinner AM OLED panel.
In particular, the display industry is paying attention to light emitting materials. The existing AM OLED panels use phosphorescent material for green light. But for red and blue light, they use fluorescent material. Phosphorescent material has light emitting efficiency four times higher than that of fluorescent material. The former also has a longer lifespan than the latter.
Samsung Display has decided to use phosphorescent material for green and red light. This means that the Korean display maker has secured the world’s first know-how for mass-production technology to control red light.


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