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Samsung Display Increased Resolution of AM OLED with FMM Technology

2012/07/26 By Moon Bo-gyeong

Samsung Display succeeded in boosting the screen resolution of AM OLED by means of fine metal mask (FMM) technology.

In doing so, the display panel manufacturer veered from laser-induced thermal imaging (LITI), an alternative technology it had focused its R&D efforts on. Experts are paying attention to whether the new technique will be able to fully resolve AM OLED’s resolution problem, its weakest point compared with the Retina Display of the iPhone.

According to industry sources, Samsung Display raised RGB stripe AM OLED’s resolution up to 350ppi in a lab test by using FMM technology. The figure is higher than that of iPhone4 at 326ppi.

FMM technology is used to deposit pixels on a substrate. A metal mask with small grooves is placed on the substrate and then sprayed with an organic substance.


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