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Misleading Article Carried by Bloomberg about New iPad LCD Panel Supply

2012/03/15 By Yang Jong-seok

Bloomberg’s recent report about the LCD panel of the New iPad is stirring some controversy. The business news agency interviewed a researcher at IHS lately to announce that Samsung is supplying 100% of the panels due to Sharp’s and LG Display’s failure to meet Apple’s quality requirements.

However, according to a local market research firm, the fact of the matter is that LG Display and Sharp have supplied the panels since this month, though Samsung did become the first company to deliver the component.

At present, Samsung is furnishing Apple with more than 50% of the LCD panels. Sharp has already supplied hundreds of thousands of it, though some defective goods are delaying supply expansion, and LG Display’s supply volume is estimated at a million units a month, which means Bloomberg’s report is wrong.

Some industry watchers, in the meantime, are attributing the misreport to Apple’s thorough supply chain management and information control. In fact, all of Apple, Samsung Electronics, LG Display and Sharp are refraining from making any comment about the situation.


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