SR Applies ICT to SRT to Provide Smart and Safe Railroad Services

Apr 07, 2020

SR (President Kwon Tae-myung) is raising the standard of railroad safety service by applying ICT (Information Communication Technology) to SRT (Super Rapid Train). By securing safety and improving service through ICT, SR is seeing improved air quality and less complaints and errors.
SR signed a strategic business agreement with KT last year to implement a smart railroad service. It shares ICT and technologies and infrastructures needed to operate high-speed trains with KT and decided to implement a convenient and high-speed railroad service called “5G Smart Station”.
SR also established a traffic information monitoring system for its 32 railroad schedules. By using this system, SR can check any error in real time and make a swift response. SR has also reduced number of errors by preventing them through traffic information accumulated as big data. The number of errors involving SRT decreased from 17 cases in 2018 to 13 cases in 2019.

SR Applies ICT to SRT to Provide Smart and Safe Railroad Services

SR installed AI CCTVs at Suseo Station. Previously, employees had to examine various locations at the station using CCTVs and check for any safety issue. However, AI can learn a situation where people approach tracks and inform employees at an operation center through real-time alarm. By establish an AI-based system, there was zero case of death from a fall involving SRT in 2019.
SR introduced a real-time monitoring system to underground stations. Air blowers will operate once the air quality becomes bad while 39 large air purifiers will filter out dusts. As a result, air quality improved from 114ug/m3 to 67ug/m3 in just one year.
Besides these systems, SR also introduced a disaster live broadcast system using AR (Augmented Reality) glass so that exchange of information between experts and on-site workers is easy and it is also providing a Sioux language text service for hearing-impaired people.
“We are pushing for Smart Station in order to implement safer and more convenient high-speed railroad service and to raise the social value of railroad.” said President Kwon Tae-myung. “We are going to establish a railroad service that is beyond imagination.”
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