Teruten – Jeju SEC, working for cooperation in cybersecurity education training

Nov 26, 2019
Teruten – Jeju SEC, working for cooperation in cybersecurity education training

CEO Young, Lee of Teruten and Dr. Nam-je, Park, President of Jeju National University Cybersecurity Human Resource Institute (Jeju SEC), on Nov 25 at Jeju Cybersecurity conference held at Maison Glad Jeju, agreed to cooperate in cybersecurity education training for fostering elite talent and promoting cybersecurity industry.
Jeju SEC has already entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the affiliated Institute of ETRI, the research institue of Korea’s cybersecurity R&D, to work on fostering elite talent. Teruten, as one of the best security solution company in Korea, is an exclusive technology partner with ELTA, one of the best cyber defense company in Israel, in its Cyber Range for the defense against cyber attacks.
With this opportunity, the elite talent training program of Jeju SEC along with the cyber attack-defense technologies of Teruten is expected to contribute to cyber peace in Northeast Asia. Teruten and Jeju SEC are going to make Jeju island a cyberspace safety zone to allow everyone in Jeju to use cyberspace safely and conveniently.
While Jeju island is an international tourist city with more than 15 million visitors every year, it does not have enough cybersecurity capabilities to ensure the cyber safety of the tourists and residents. For the recent special programs by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province including blockchain or electric cars to succeed, cybersecurity is more important than ever. In this regard, it is very meaningful two institutions work for mutual cooperation to foster elite talent and secure basic cybersecurity technologies to make a safe Smart Island. Moreover, the program will use Jeju island as a sandbox and go further to make use of its results and expand the cybersecurity market both in Korea and abroad. It is expected that the cooperation between two institutions will contribute to enhancing cybersecurity capacities in Northeast Asia and be a foundation of Korea becoming the strongest country in cybersecurity in the world.
Meanwhile, CEO Young, Lee of Teruten in her speech on the subject ‘the present and the future of cyber training system’ at Jeju Cybersecurity Conference said “cyberspace is evolving in very diverse and complex ways, making it impossible to protect the future Korean society safely with the existing education training system. It is, therefore, the responsibility and mission of our generation to adopt a specialized and advanced cyber training system to make safer Korea for our future generation.”


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