[AIR FAIR AWARDS – AIR STARTUP] MEMPro received ‘AIR STARTUP’ with IR and Laser-type Ultrafine Dust Sensor and Vacuum Cleaner Sensor

Nov 05, 2019

MEMProparticipated in ‘AIR FAIR 2019’ held at Coex C Hall in Samseong-dong in Seoul from October 25 to 27 and received the'AIR START UP'.

Organized byKorea Air Cleaning Association, K.Fairs, andIT World Korea, the AIR FAIR AWARDS selects excellent brands in 5 areas which are design, technical skills, innovativeness, new technology, etc. from the companies participating in Air Fair and supports their promotion s.

MEMPro is the exclusive importer and seller of PM1.0 IR and Laser Ultrafine Dust Sensor and Vacuum Cleaner Sensor by Luftmy of China. Laser Ultrafine Dust Sensor has a quality of concentration deviation within ±10% and price-competitiveness, which is widely sold in China, U.S., and Europe and is verified for high quality.

Manufacturers of finished air cleaners that apply IR Ultrafine Dust Sensor have given positive response to the laser-type ultrafine dust sensor which has the same outer size, since it does not need any change in size or outer look.

Ultrafine dust sensor (IR type) for vacuum cleaner can be installed on the dust induction pipe to detect the size of dusts absorbed in real-time and show them in ug/m3 for more efficient cleaning.

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