U.S. Government Actively Taking the Head in Fundamental Software Technologies

Jun 18, 2019

The U.S. is taking the head in fundamental technologies for software with a help from the U.S. Government. Through their fundamental technologies, they are responsible for half of software markets in the world. Major software businesses such as Microsoft, AWS (Amazon Web Service), Oracle, and IBM all have their headquarters in the U.S. and they are responsible for 46.2% of software markets in the world.
The U.S. has been active in R&D for software technologies to develop its scientific technologies and to create new industries. According to Software Policy & Research Institute, NSF (National Science Foundation), which establishes strategies for scientific technologies, and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which developed Department of Defense’s internet and GPS, are taking the initiative in pushing for R&D for software technologies.
Percentage of R&D on fundamental software that corresponds to fundamental technology is very high. NSF is focusing its investment into fundamental software technologies that are needed to develop new industries in the future and technologies that can enhance ICT (Information Communication Technology) industry. DARPA is also focusing more on fundamental software rather than applied software to secure important technologies. AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Cloud computing, system software, and computing system are categorized as fundamental software.
NSF is carrying out R&D on fundamental software technologies that are needed to develop future industries and technologies to enhance ICT industry. There were 772 software-related projects that were worth more than $422,000 (500 million KRW) and were carried out by NSF’s CISE (Computer and Information Science and Engineering) between 2016 and 2018. 772 projects corresponded to 75% of entire tasks (1,039).

U.S. Government Actively Taking the Head in Fundamental Software Technologies

Out of 772 projects, 530 of them were on fundamental software while 242 of them were on applied software. Out of 530 projects on fundamental software, AI was the fundamental software that was mostly focused on. Cloud computing followed AI and there was not a huge gap between the amount of R&D on the rest of fundamental software technologies.
DARPA is also focusing on research that will intellectualize national defense through fundamental software technologies such as AI and Big Data. It is researching into programming language, software engineering, and operating system to secure credibility and security that are absolutely needed for software of national defense.
The U.S. is prioritizing its investment into national security, prosperity, energy, and public health. It is investing significant amount of resources into initial stage of development of fundamental software technologies and it is continuing R&D in areas where there are great risks and financial burden for private businesses.
Although South Korean Government is also leading R&D program on software technologies, some suggest a need to expand size of support by South Korean Government. They are pointing out that South Korean Government must actively support and promote R&D lead by software businesses such as TMAX, GurumNetworks, Hancom, and Cubrid.
“The U.S. is taking the head in carrying out large-scale R&D with a help from the U.S. Government.” said a representative for the software industry. “South Korea also needs to strengthen R&D program led by South Korean Government to secure fundamental technologies and carry out responsible policies to strengthen competitiveness in software industry by vitalizing open-source community and other ways.”
Staff Reporter Park, Jongjin | truth@etnews.com

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