[EMK 2019] INTERCEM Korea Showcased 'FUJI Chip Mounter NXT IIII'

May 16, 2019
[EMK 2019] INTERCEM Korea Showcased 'FUJI Chip Mounter NXT IIII'

INTERCEM Korea introduced 'FUJI Chop Mounter' in  in '2019 Electronics Manufacturing Korea (henceforth referred to as EMK 2019)', which is held at COEX from the 15th(Wed) to 17th(Fri).

INTERCEM Korea has significantly contributed to the fields of manufacturing and equipment, meeting the requirements of the customers, based on their high-technology and know-how of the semiconductors/SMT business. It had been receiving especially favorable reviews from numerous client companies, and both in Korea and overseas, it has been growing steadily.

An official of the company said, "With the increase in SiP production volume in the semiconductor packaging industry, the demand for high-speed chip mounters has been growing, which is optimized for ultra-small chip mounting, as the 008004 (0201) size chips are starting to be mass-produced in earnest," and they went on to reveal, "It is expected to highlight the superior performance of FUJI' NXTII I' equipment. This model, with specialized specifications for semiconductor packaging with mounting accuracy up to 15 microns, can attach 0201 parts at full speed to maximize production capacity. This remarkable difference in production capacity is a big part of why FUJI high-speed mounters are being selected."

Meanwhile, Korea Electronics Manufacturing Korea has grown into an internationally recognized exhibition, receiving steady interest from domestic and foreign buyers as Korea’s largest electronics manufacturing exhibition. Since 2017, it has been Co-hosted with ‘Autotronics Manufacturing Korea (AMK)', and provides various seminars and events for exhibitors and visitors.

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