[Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2019] Rehm Thermal Systems, Vacuum Solution Appeal

Mar 28, 2019
[Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2019] Rehm Thermal Systems, Vacuum Solution Appeal

Rehm Thermal Systems, a manufacturer specializing in SMT soldering and various heat-related equipment, will participate in 'Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2019' (hereinafter referred to as EMK 2019), which will be held at COEX from May 15th (Wed) to the 17th (Fri), to showcase the CondensoXC 'model and the German company Rehm's' Vacuum solution'.

'Rehm Thermal Systems' is a manufacturer for various heat-related solution equipment headquartered in Germany, and has been recognized for its unique system, selling more than 6000 equipment worldwide over 28 years. Establishing a Korean subsidiary in Gyeonggi Province last year, we are actively supporting the domestic and Asian markets with active support.

Unlike conventional convection soldering, 'CondensoXC' evaporates a solution called 'Galden®' and uses it for soldering. It can transfer heat more precisely and efficiently to the board, making it high-quality soldering equipment suitable for small-scale production of prototypes and multi-product types. Also, Rehm's vacuum know-how is applied, so it is possible to apply very high-quality soldering process with less than 2% of void rate to PCB with high heat weight.

An official explained, "Rehm's own patented technology uses a completely different soldering method to other companies doesn't impact PCB, and can reduce maintenance costs by reducing the consumption of Galden®, an expensive medium, to under 50% compared to other companies."

Meanwhile, Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2019 has grown into an international exhibition that has been receiving the interest of domestic and foreign buyers steadily as the largest electronics manufacturing exhibition in Korea. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with ‘Autotronics Manufacturing Korea' from 2017 to present various seminars and other events to exhibitors and visitors.

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