The Electronic Times and CoinNess Join Hands to Establish a Comprehensive Media Platform

Feb 08, 2019

A comprehensive media platform that provides fundamental information related to global blockchain ecosystem in real-time is expected to be launched soon.
This platform, which is based on Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence, is expected to provide blockchain news that comes from different parts of the world half of a day earlier. In the future, it will develop into a financial and Cloud platform through sharing of technologies.
The Electronic Times, a Chinese blockchain information platform called Bishijie, and CoinNess announced that they recently signed an agreement to launch a comprehensive Asian blockchain media.
Bishijie is a blockchain media based in China. It currently provides various information related to blockchain with a real-time blockchain information platform called CoinNess, which was established last year through international students from Peking University.
They established an algorithm that collects information that occurs from various SNS and transaction platforms in real-time and they provide information to about 20 blockchain platforms such as blockchain communities and cryptocurrency exchanges. Their news are sent to 3 million people in South Korea, China, and the U.S.
Based on this agreement, The Electronic Times is planning to prepare a section on its newspaper related to cryptocurrency to provide industrial reports and analysis in depth. It is also considering about incorporating global real-time blockchain information search algorithm, Big Data service, and a Dapp (Decentralized application) that are provided by Bishijie.

The Electronic Times and CoinNess Join Hands to Establish a Comprehensive Media Platform

It is also going to push for consulting business by utilizing Big Data. It is planning to focus on Chinese investments and match-making by utilizing Bishijie’s management team that is comprised of personnel who used to work for Alibaba, Meituan, and Chinese economic media and CoinNess’ network that is centered on personnel who attended Tsinghua University.
It is also planning on introducing a platform that publically announces global blockcain projects including STO (Security Token Offering) projects. Its plan is to help data-based investments by gathering information on global security tokens in one place.
In addition, it is planning to establish simulated investment and incubating platforms that catch fake and exaggerated information that disturb blockchain ecosystem. It is planning to get rid of fake information and brokers by providing personalized incubating platform that is applied with a function that can simulate foreign exchange market.
Establishment and operation of these platforms will be performed by The Electronic Times, its new business investment platform, CoinNess, GetCapital, NewsLog, and KPMG.
“By working with CoinNess, we hope that blockchain ecosystem that is flooded with fake and exaggerated information gets cleaned up.” said Chairman Koo Won-mo of The Electronic Times.
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