Huobi Launches a Social Media Platform ‘Huobi Chat Beta’

Dec 31, 2018

Huobi Korea, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, announced that Huobi Group is currently providing a beta service for its social media platform called ‘Huobi Chat’ before it officially launches ‘Huobi Chat’.
Huobi Chat was developed to mutually connect communication, safe transactions, fair incentives, and various industries within digital asset society. It has wire transfer function through cryptocurrency wallets and chatting based on crypto-mechanisms and blockchain and it forms an ecosystem through Huobi Chat Token (HCT).
HCT is used as a global cryptocurrency by Huobi Chat users and it can be compensated through various activities such as level of contribution towards communication, check-in, greeting, treasure hunt, and election or wire-transferred to other people. Huobi Chat also provides other services such as multi-language translation service, transfer of location information, transfer of business cards, and internet telephone.

Huobi Launches a Social Media Platform ‘Huobi Chat Beta’

Huobi Chat is an open-source developed based on open SDK (Software Development Kit) platform.
Other developers can participate to develop, test, and establish platforms. Huobi Group applied end-to-end encryption technology to protect personal information.
“Huobi Chat was developed to mutually connect social network and global cryptocurrency business based on ‘Social Rising Mining’ business model.” said Department Head Oh Sae-kyung of Huobi Korea’s Communication Department. “Huobi Chat users can contribute to forming a blockchain ecosystem by securing various third-party contents, provision of services, and liquidity of digital assets.”
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