KakaoPay Acquires MOVILL

Dec 20, 2018

KakaoPay announced that it acquired management rights of a startup company called ‘MOVILL’, which operates an apartment application, and that it would start apartment living financial services.
People who currently use MOVILL’s application can either receive a bill for apartment maintenance fee or pay apartment maintenance fee through KakaoPay after logging into MOVILL’s application. Payment information can also be checked through KakaoPay.

KakaoPay Acquires MOVILL

KakaoPay became MOVILL’s major shareholder after acquiring MOVILL on the 1st of October and it finished incorporating MOVILL as its subsidiary on the 1st of this month. This is the first time when KakaoPay acquired management rights of a startup company.
MOVILL, which was established in 2014, currently provides its application for 200 apartments and 300,000 residents. One can use functions such as electronic vote, electronic payment, electronic bill for maintenance fee, digital voice broadcast, and reservation of apartment facilities through MOVILL’s application.
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik | osolgil@etnews.com

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