Huobi Korea to Carry Out API Promotion for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Oct 02, 2018

Huobi Korea announced that it will be carrying out API (Application Programing Interface) promotion to create a Smart transaction environment for cryptocurrency.
API is a type of a channel that allows one to use programs or tools that he or she created or purchased from a third party and it indicates development of new services by using commands such as orders and inquiries within cryptocurrency transaction. It is able to create various transaction environments by creating algorithms for trade programs according to characteristics of users.
Huobi Korea’s API provides various functions such as generation and execution of orders, signing of various orders, and balance inquiry.

Huobi Korea to Carry Out API Promotion for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Huobi Korea has prepared a promotion for API users which will allow transactions with 0.02% of commission rate.
There can be 20% difference to minimum commission according to point card markets’ situation and there can be early termination depending on number of participants.
Detailed information regarding Huobi Korea’s API can be found on Huobi Korea’s homepage.
“People will be able to create faster and more stable transactions by using their own algorithms through our API.” said Department Head Oh Sae-kyung of Huobi Korea’s Communication Department. “We are also preparing offline events for people who use our API.”
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik |

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