Vice-Minister Ko Kyung-kwon of Ministry of Economy and Finance Puts Out Plans for Invigorating Platform Economy Centered on Sharing Economy

Oct 02, 2018

Vice-Minister Ko Hyung-kwon of Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF) announced that MOEF is planning on ways to invigorate platform economy centered on sharing economy as part of strategies to innovate service industry.
“Based on ‘Service R&D Promotion Strategies’ announced in February, we are going to prepare innovative strategies to improve productivity to improve constitution of our service industries that are close to our daily lives.” said Vice-Minister Ko at ‘6th Anniversary of Federation of Service Industries’ that was held at National Assembly Member’s Office Building.
“We are going to focus on innovating regulations that become grounds for creating various business models and enhancing services through new technologies so that these innovative strategies can be implemented smoothly in the future.” said Vice-Minister Ko with emphasis.

Vice-Minister Ko Hyung-kwon of Ministry of Economy and Finance <Vice-Minister Ko Hyung-kwon of Ministry of Economy and Finance>

“I was able to experience endless possibilities of development of service industries in the future by looking at innovation of services industries within China that we thought was just a country with strong manufacturing industry.” said Vice-Minister Ko by going over his expensive in visiting China recently for Digital Economy Conference.
“ICT-based economy has a structure where winner takes all.” said Vice-Minister Ko. “I am worried that China’s large corporations are surpassing South Korea based on its huge market. He also emphasized that South Korea should not loosen up when it comes to innovating its service industries.
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