Decentre Joins Hands with Bitforex

Aug 10, 2018

Decentre (CEO Hong Young-seon) announced that it signed a strategic agreement with a global cryptocurrency exchange called Bitforex (CEO Alex Wong).
After making a partnership with Bibox early this year, Bitforex has made another global partnership with Decentre and sent its letter of intent to Foresting marketed by Decentre.
Bitforex, which is an accelerating company specializing in blockchain, was recently placed at the top of CoinMarketCap’s rating based on trading volume after beating out other popular exchanges such as Binance. It is a global exchange that trades 100 different types of cryptocurrencies and it has its own cryptocurrency called BF Token and its security at the forefront of its business.

CEO Hong Young-seon of Decentre (left) and Business Development Manager Jason Luo of Bitforex <CEO Hong Young-seon of Decentre (left) and Business Development Manager Jason Luo of Bitforex >

Bitforex has its headquarters in Singapore and has independent offices in Seychelles, Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Philippines. Chinese developers who used to work for Tencent and LENOVO, experienced people who used to work for Merrill Lynch, global banks, McKinsey, and MS, and people who graduated from MIT, Columbia University, University of Cambridge, and National University of Singapore are working for Bitforex. It has traders in 90 different countries and it prepared its operating funds after attracting $20 million from Crypto Capital during its earlier days of establishment.
“By means of cryptocurrencies from leading South Korean and foreign platform companies, we will be able to safely list Foresting at foreign exchanges.” said CEO Hong Young-seon of Decentre. “We will contribute to healthy blockchain ecosystem and continuously give our support to create proper trade environment.”
“South Korea is a very appealing market and we have easily found out excellent platforms through Decentre.” said CEO Alex Wong of Bitforex. “We are going to leave our footprints on global blockchain industry through this agreement with Decentre.”
Staff Reporter Lee, Joonhee |

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