CLC Foundation to Launch Calorie Coin Wallet

Aug 07, 2018

CLC Foundation announced that it will be launching ‘Calorie Coin Wallet’, which is an electronic wallet designated for Calorie Coin and is a platform for health compensation.
Calorie Coin project, which is based on an interesting idea of giving out cryptocurrency just by walking, has been gaining many interests from people after launching coinstep application in May.
Calorie Coin Wallet users can inquire and transfer their Calorie Coins through this wallet and manage partnering applications, purchase healthcare products, and manage comprehensive health data.

CLC Foundation to Launch Calorie Coin Wallet

Beta version for Android will be launched first. At the same time, Calorie Coin will synchronize Calorie Coin Wallet and current data through an update of coinstep application. Total amount of Calorie Coins obtained will be provided to users.
“Calorie Coin Wallet will play a major role in allowing people to conveniently use Calorie Coins at various places such as malls for Calorie Coin.” said CEO Jung Seung-chae of CLC Foundation.
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik |

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