GLOSFER Launches Smart EContract Service

Jul 27, 2018

GLOSFER launched ‘Smart EContract’ service, which is a result of an agreement made with Business On Communication.
This service applies blockchain network-based crypto-technology to electronic contract services. Electronic contract services currently require official certificates.
With this service, electronic contract services can be made without meeting a separate administrator in person. It also simplifies contract procedures, reduces costs, and makes counterfeit and falsification impossible since it is based on blockchain.

GLOSFER Launches Smart EContract Service

GLOSFER explained that Smart EContract eliminates any burden regarding security of signature, renewal, and payment of current official certificates.
“With our technology, we have implemented a service that stores contract information into blockchain.” said CEO Kim Tae-won of GLOSFER. “Smart EContract is expected to bring next-generation smart contract services that eliminate any inconvenience of current official certificates.”
Staff Reporter Ham, Jihyun |

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