PRASM Starts Establishment of Blockchain-Based Healthcare Platform

Jul 09, 2018

PRASM (CEO Kwon Yong-hyun) is working on blockchain-based healthcare platform called ‘PRASM’. To establish its platform, PRASM participated in TokenSky that was held in Tokyo on the 4th and it is planning to hold a Meetup event in Silicon Valley on the 9th.
PRASM is a bioinformatic platform that provides PRASM tokens as compensations to people who provide their biometrics through various wearable devices or healthcare providers, health consultants, and trainers.
PRASM establishes Big Data through biometrics from its users and uses Big Data for better lives and treatment of incurable diseases. It provides personalized health solutions by analyzing biometrics through AI (Artificial Intelligence).

PRASM is explaining its blockchain-based healthcare platform. <PRASM is explaining its blockchain-based healthcare platform.>

PRASM tokens can be used to purchase nutritional supplements, wellness services, and devices to carry out personalized solutions. Because biometrics are stored in decentralized platforms, PRASM prevents any leakage of personal information.
To carry out its project, PRASM signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Oracle Medical Group and My Partners LTD recently. Based on this partnership, Oracle Medical Group is going to participate as a service provider of PRASM’s platform. PRASM also signed an agreement with OMNI C&S, which specializes in Smart Healthcare, to share technologies.
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