Fujitsu Starts Fujitsu Intelligence Society Solution Blockchain Asset Service Project

Jun 29, 2018

An ‘unique blockchain project’ that connects retail stores in rural areas, shopping, railroads, and finance has started. This project is the world’s first project to promote local vitalization by applying blockchain to distribution and Cloud.
According to industries, Fujitsu recently started developing a service that converges distribution, Cloud, and blockchain and issues digital points and coupons that have expiration dates and can be used in certain areas such as tourist spots, shopping districts, and industrial areas.
This project, which is named as ‘Fujitsu Intelligence Society Solution Blockchain Asset Service’, is meaningful from the fact that it has combined Smart devices, stores within corresponding areas, and various distribution services that can be used for industrial facilities rather than just being used for financial services based on blockchain ledgers. Many global businesses are showing their interests towards commercialization of this project. People can earn points just by placing their Smart devices on QR code readers that are installed in certain areas. These points then can be converted into coupons that can be used at stores and industrial facilities within corresponding area.
This is also a first test to analyze points, stamps, and coupons that are recorded in distributed ledgers of blockchain by connecting them to information of users.
“This project is to vitalize economies of tourist spots within different areas and it will establish strategies for quick sales that fit requirements and preference of tourists.” said a representative for Fujitsu.

Concept diagram of Fujitsu Blockchain Asset Service (Reference: Fujitsu) <Concept diagram of Fujitsu Blockchain Asset Service (Reference: Fujitsu)>

It is expected that this project will become a catalyst for blockchain technology to spread to different industries when it is commercialized. Various compensation measures for consumers and enhancement of Big Data will also be made possible by reflecting Smartphone-based QR code or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to blockchain.
Blockchain-based services can record and manage digital stamps, coupons, and records of transactions into blockchain by interworking them with applications. Also, blockchain can be used as a mediator for promoting local vitalization as one can select where stamps and coupons can be used and for how long.
Asset Service will be provided to customers through API (Application Programming Interface) and it can be used conveniently even without having knowledge in blockchain or ICT environment.
Reason why global businesses are interested in this project is because they can establish new sales strategies by interworking blockchain and Big Data of customers.
Information on users can be interworked based on information on transactions related to points that are recorded in distributed ledgers of blockchain and log-in connection. Information that is collected does not include personal information such as age and gender. However, when Big Data is interworked with blockchain, one’s preference and behavior can be analyzed in detail and they can be used to establish sales strategies in the future. Another strength of Asset Service is to visualize how points, stamps, and coupons are used and distributed through operation management function that can check status of how coupons are distributed and used.
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