Coinrail Attacked with Hackers

Jun 11, 2018

A South Korean cryptocurrency exchange called ‘Coinrail’ was attacked by hackers and it is currently performing an examination on its system.
Coinrail made an announcement that an examination is scheduled from 2 A.M. of the 10th until 4 A.M. of the 11th for a hacking attempt and that Coinrail users will not be able to use Coinrail’s homepage and every Coinrail’s services during an examination.

Coinrail Attacked with Hackers

Pundi X, which was attacked by hackers as well, has its network transmission frozen since 12:16 PM of the same day. Coinrail is currently keeping coins aside from other coins that are leaked inside of a ‘cold wallet’ that is not connected to online at all.
“We are doing our best to recover our system along with investigative agencies and relevant agencies.” said Coinrail. “We will try to recover our system as quickly as possible.”
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik |

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