BLOCKO Attracts Series B Investment worth 9.5 Billion KRW

Jun 01, 2018

BLOCKO, which specializes in blockchain technologies, made an announcement that it finalized series B investment worth $8.78 million (9.5 billion KRW). This is its third time attracting an investment since it established its corporate in December of 2014. Top South Korean venture capitals including Samsung Venture Investment, SparkLabs Ventures, Intervest, Daesung Private Equity, WONIK Investment Partners, POSCO Capital, and Premier Partners are participating as BLOCKO’s main partners.
BLOCKO is planning to enhance functions of its wide-use enterprise blockchain platform called ‘CoinStack’ through its investment. It is also going to focus on targeting global markets including Europe and South-East Asia and prepare a foundation for an open-source blockchain ecosystem through Aergo Project, which is based on main technologies of CoinStack.

BLOCKO Attracts Series B Investment worth 9.5 Billion KRW

“Through this investment, we are going to enhance our blockchain platform and regularize our global business.” said CEO Kim Won-beom of BLOCKO. “Based on our blockchain platform that is verified from fierce enterprise markets, we are going to actively participate in preparing a foundation for blockchain ecosystems along with universities, industries, and open-source communities.”
BLOCKO is a company that develops wide-use enterprise blockchain platforms and blockchain-based applications and provides consultation services based on blockchain.
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik |

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