Amount of 'Cryptojacking' Skyrockets

Apr 04, 2018

Number of ‘cryptojacking’ attacks that steal resources from users’ CPUs and use them for mining of cryptocurrencies increased by 8,500% in 2017. Amount of cryptojacking surged as price of cryptocurrency went up. It is expected that number of similar attacks will start to increase in the future.
Symantec announced ‘Trend of Cyber Crimes and Security Threats in 2017’ at Mercure Seoul Ambassador on the 3rd. “Amount of cryptojacking that invades personal and business systems and steal power and resources for profitability increased explosively.” said Director Yoon Kwang-taek of Symantec Korea. “New comprehensive security measures are needed as cyber criminals are beginning to commercialize and systematize themselves.”
Cryptojacking mostly targets ‘Monero’ that has enhanced anonymity. Number of cases of mining of cryptocurrency that was found from end-point went up from 20,000 in January of 2017 to 29,000 in August of 2017. Number of cases went up explosively to 170,000 in December. Average price of Monero went up from $12 in January to $321 in December. Symantec believes that amount of ‘cryptojacking’ went up due to price increase of Monero.

CTO Yoon Kwang-taek of Symantec Korea is announcing major results from 23rd issue of Symantec’s ISTR (Internet Security Threat Report). <CTO Yoon Kwang-taek of Symantec Korea is announcing major results from 23rd issue of Symantec’s ISTR (Internet Security Threat Report).>

Cyber criminals have used browsers to spread malware. They lured users to mine cryptocurrencies on browsers while they were browsing through websites. Cyber criminals were able to carry out cryptojacking just by adding single script to a website.
“Although 2 out of 3 people who suffered from cyber attacks were individual users, amount of cryptojacking that targeted businesses also went up.” said Director Yoon. “Besides Windows, cryptojacking also targets Mac OS X, Linux OS, mobile devices, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.”
Amount of circulation of malware using software supply network also increased by 200% compared to the previous year. At least one attack occurred every month. Cyber criminals carried out second attacks on systems and network by hijacking software updates that were officially approved. It is difficult to distinguish cyber attacks as cyber criminals invaded through domains and software that were trusted by users.
“Cyber criminals see cryptocurrency with high values as alternatives that will bring them profits and have turned their attention towards mining of cryptocurrency from ransomware.”
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