AMC World Korea to Commercialize AMC Pay in December

Apr 04, 2018

A business information session for AMC Pay that can change individual mileage that is divided into different airlines into single mileage money is going to be held. AMC World Korea (CEO Kang Hyun-kil) made an announcement that it will be holding a business information session sometime during this month at Jeju Convention Center.
AMC Pay is cryptocurrency service that converts mileage from airlines into mileage money with real value. AMC World Korea is planning to commercialize this service in this December.
AMC World Korea explained that AMC Pay can be used worldwide through a Smartphone application or an electronic wallet.
“AMC money is a coin that can solve business debts for airlines and create profits and values for individuals through practical consumption.” said CEO Kang Hyun-kil.
Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik |

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